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Lessons: Student Testimonials

Alexandra P.

Christopher has been providing guitar lessons for my son for 2 years now. I cannot say enough about what a stellar experience it has been. My son is 12 and at the beginning (as you may imagine) was not willing to put in the practice time and dedication to this new craft.. WELL that all changed about 6 months into working with Christopher. Not only was he extremely flexible, patient and genuinely interested in meeting my son where he was at, as far as prior knowledge and aptitude, BUT he is a huge reason for my son genuinely enjoying the lessons and WANTING to practice just to prove he could apply all that he learned the lesson prior. I was amazed! The lesson prices are what we spend on lunch on any given day so I can honestly say the value is immeasurable. Although I have not a single musical bone in my body - even I considered taking lessons myself just for the heck of it! It is worth it. Do not hesitate to work with Christopher, you will not be disappointed.

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